Somalia: Somaliland sentences activist woman for three years in prison

A regional court in Hargeysa has sentenced Na’ima Ahmed Ibrahim to three years in prison on Sunday over charges related allegations she made in Mogadishu, capital city of Somalia.

The prosecution office of Somaliland charged Na’ima committed violations against the state’s breakaway process.

The charges also related that Na’ima has made statement against the separation of Somaliland, calling as a region in Somalia.

Her lawyers told local media that the allegations against Na’ima are not consistent with the Somaliland law and human rights law.

Ahmed Ibrahim, Na’imas’ father said told Widh Widh Online that the court ruled injustice sentence.

Ahmed said that they will file charges against the intelligence agency, those forced her to handover her Facebook password.

“Intelligence officers threatened Na’ima that will rape her if she not to handover the password and they tortured” he told Radio kulmiye.

According to Na’imas father, lawyers will file appeal against the judgment of the court

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