Somalia: Security officials arrested over Saturday’s attack in Mogadishu

-At list 14 security officials have been arrested in Mogadishu over allegedly linked to Al-shabaab’s attack of interior and security ministries on Saturday, presidential guard official told Radio kulmiye in condition of anonymity.

The arrest came after security meeting on Sunday which was attended by high ranks of security officials, security minister Mohamed Abukar, governor of Banadir region, police and intelligence chiefs.

It is said those arrested are chiefs of security check-points near the attacked compound of otto otto which hosts interior and security ministries also police communication.

The security officials were taken into custody to ask questions.

Saturday’s attack came after months of tightened security of the capital, many security check-points have been created those are believed to have played active role securing Mogadishu.

At list 20 people dead and more others wounded after armed insurgents attacked the very controlled area near parliament building and presidential place.

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